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accommodation request Pension Wild - Nov 2, 2011.
we are a group of 16 people + infant (mostly couples) and looking for accommodation for one night (3.- 4. 12. 2011) from Saturday to Sunday. Looking for 5x doubles (or twin bed) rooms and 2x 3-bed rooms. Othe less¨welcome combination of rooms is 1x double, 1x 4-bed room and 2x 5-bed rooms.
Can you halp us?
If you have free capacity of requested rooms, write me a price per person.

family visit to Vienna Hostel Hütteldorf - Oct 26, 2011.
we kindly ask an offer for staying at Hostel Hütteldorf, 1 night between 10 to 11 of December, for a group of 30 young students from Timisoara (Romania), 2 coordinators and 2 drivers.
We need to know a price which will include, accommodation ( breakfast included) and the price for parking, and the minimum amount paid in advance. Please let me know ass soon as possible about our request.

family visit to Vienna Hotel Boltzmann - Oct 26, 2011.
We are family with 3 kids, age 8, 11, 13, and I want them to be in the same space with us, parents either in (family) room or, even better, in apartment.
I plan our visit in period 24-27.12.2011. for 2 or 3 nights.
Could you send to me a budget offer, with and without breakfast.
If you have better suggestion for our visit... I want to show kids is welcome.
We would come by car, park it and take public transport.

info reservation Austria Classic Hotel Hölle - Oct 24, 2011.
i want to know if is it possible to reserve two rooms for the week end 29 october-to 1 november 2011 whit half pension.
one room for two adult and two children ( one child 8 years old; other 11 )
other room for two adult and one child ( 12 years old)
Can you tell me the price and disponibility too please

Request for information on booking a room Hotel Klimt - Oct 24, 2011.
I would like to know if there would be possible to make a reservation for 2 people for 2 nights during Christmas (the nights 24th and 25th - that is check in on 24th morning and leaving on 26th morning).
If not possible, please reply with possibility including rates.
I would also want to know if there is a festive dinner (or something of the sort) during the inquired period.

info request Apartments Bleckmann - Oct 13, 2011.
We are starting a new project in Vienna and we will probably need to rent an apartment for at least 4 months starting probably from the 10th of November.

We are looking for a 2 bedrooms 1 or 2 baths apartment (they will be 3 persons, 2 adults 1 kid), do you have this kind of apartments too?

The place we will work is close to Diefenbachgstrasse 40.

I would like to know if your apartments are close to that location and if not so close if there are transportation that will take there easily

Apartment in Vienna Apartments Riemergasse - Oct 13, 2011.
I am looking for apartment to rent for period of three months starting form 1st Nov to 31st Jan. I Will be in Vienna for internship with IAEA. Please advise how much it will cost me for the mentioned period.

visit from Ukraine Hotel Hilton Vienna - Oct 11, 2011.
I am from Ukraine.
I am going to briefly visit Vienna together with my family ( wife and daughter 12 years old) and stay at your hotel.
Date of arrival - 22.10.2011
Date of departure - 23.10.2011

Could you please offer me attractive price for 1-night staying.

flat wanted Pension Stadtpark - Oct 7, 2011.
I will come to Wienna for "International Tax Law" master program at WU.
I'm tax inspector at Ministry of Finance of Turkey. I'm married and have two daughters (three years old and one year old.)
I need 50-70m2 flat from 20th september 2011 to 15th August 2012.
I want to rent your available flat from 1st oct 2011 to 15th August 2012.
Could you give me a long period special price per month for your available ?

Accommodation October 11-15 Hotel Wandl - Oct 7, 2011.
My wife and I have booked to stay at the Hotel Wandl for five nights arriving Tuesday October 11. We have enjoyed two previous stays at your hotel in 1989 and again in 2002.

We would prefer a room facing the street and on one of our stays we had a lovely room overlooking Petersplatz. We hope that you may be able to provide a similar room on this occasion.

We look forward to again visiting beautiful Vienna and staying at the Hotel Wandl.

Disputed Charge Hotel Hilton Plaza Vienna - Oct 7, 2011.
We recently had two nights accommodation at the Hilton Vienna Plaza arriving on 17th September and departing on 19th September as part of an Insight Vacations group.

On Saturday, 17th, we asked for the mini bar to be opened and all items removed so that we could store some things in there - we handed over a debit card to authorise this. The mini bar was opened but all items were left in there. We removed 2 bottles of coca cola which we returned before our departure.

That night we also opened an internet connection for one hour.

On our departure we received an account for 20 euros and advised that nothing had been used in the mini bar. There were no other items on our account. As we had only used one internet connection, we contacted who in turn advised the hotel that there was only a 10 euro charge and we returned to the desk and received a 10 euro credit as we had already paid the 20 euros.

On checking our debit card, there has been an amount of 140 euros removed by the Hilton Vienna Plaza on 17th September. As we have not signed/authorised for this amount, we would appreciate a reversal of this charge to our account as soon as possible so that we can use this for the remainder of our European vacation.

Question Hotel Marriott Vienna - Oct 7, 2011.
My colleague will be staying at your hotel in Vienna on Parkring in October with other HDS employees. He would like to present an award to one of these employees while there, but we need to find out if you can accept delivery of the award. I would need an address for shipment of the award (I believe it is a plaque) and also if you are willing to hold it if it arrives before him. The dates he and the others will be there is October 11-14.

trip from Moscow Hotel in Hernals - Oct 7, 2011.
We are planning a trip from Moscow, Russia to Europe (07/11 - 17/11) and flying firstly to Vienna.
Then, in the very first day we are taking a train to Prague.
After that, we are returning and would like to stay in your hotel in Vienna from 15/11 to 17/11.
However, there is a difficulty in obtaining Austrian visa for Russian residents - we need to get a confirmation of hotel reservation for the whole period of the trip, the so-called hotel voucher.
We would like to ask you to give us such voucher to show it in Austrian embassy. If it is necessary, we can pay extra fee for it.
Looking forward to hearing from you

Booking information Hotel an der Wien - Oct 7, 2011.
I'm intrested to book n.1 double room (2 peoples) in bed and breakfast condition,from
arrive 08 october 2011
departure 13 october 2011
Is it present free internet connection in the room?
Is your structure near underground stop?
ask you if room is disponible and the final price for to book.
I'm waiting for your response.

request for group booking Hotel Congress - Oct 7, 2011.
We intend to come to Vienna with 30 passengers, and so may we request accommodation at your hotel for our group arriving on the 10th of December and staying for 2 nights at half board.

Please inform us with price for single, for double, for triple room and price for children. On how many paying passengers will you give us a leader free?

Apartment rental in Vienna Apartments Continental - Oct 7, 2011.
I am a university student from Sydney Australia. I will be traveling to Vienna to study at the University of Vienna from January 4th - January 26th 2012. I have seen that you have apartments for rent and I was wondering how much you charge for a 2 person apartment?

How far are your apartments from the University and how far from public transport?

Special price from Hotel Schweizerhof - Oct 7, 2011.
I am the manager of a 4 star boutique hotel in Bucharest Romania.

I would like to be your guest with another 5 friends during the period 21-26 December 2011 for Christmas. It would be our first time in Vienna. Can you please send me the best best offer you can make us for 3 double rooms ( twin or matrimonial) for this period? We are 6 ladies and if you have any other suggestions to accommodate us ( like 2 triple room ) it will not be a problem.

The most important thing is our budget that is around 400 Euro / room for all the 3 nights. Please let me know if you can help me and what prices you can offer me and in return I will make sure that when you will come to visit Bucharest you will have a great price too in a very nice hotel in the city center of Bucharest.

Have a wonderful day, I am waiting for your reply a.s.a.p as we would like to order the flight tickets and we are looking for accommodation now

room request at Hotel Cristall - Oct 3, 2011.
I would like to have some information, in addition to that I have found on your wonderful web-site. We are planning our visit to Vienna from 9 October - 13 October (4 nights), so we need 3 single rooms plus breakfast. Are there any available rooms? In case there are, can you tell me the sum of 1 room per night? Maybe taking into consideration that we will stay for 4 nights you can make some discounts for us?
Thank you in advance,

New Year's Eve in Vienna at Pension Aviano - Sep 30, 2011.
Hello, I would like to know if you have a room available for 2 nights from 31/12 to 02/01 for my family consisting of 2 adults and 2 children (3 and 1 year old).
The 1 year old can sleep with us in the bed, so I would just need an extra bed for the 3 year old. Thank you for your response!

bitte um Information - Hotel Geblergasse - Sep 29, 2011.
Guten Tag aus Athen!

I would like to ask u if u have a double room available for 2 nights 14th Oktober - 16 Oktober,two seperate beds and how much will it cost.

I came last year for 10 days and it was perfect.I have the chance to come in Vienna again and i would like to stay to your hotel.

I will wait for your reply.

Accommodation request - Apartments Liechtenstein - Sep 28, 2011.
We have 2 clients, that will come to Vienna on the 23th. October. They need an accommodation in city centre or somewhere near, that it will be quite easy reachable from the city centre. They would like to have an apartament or such a room in the hotel, where it would be a small kitchen and they could make some food or tea for themselve.They need this tipe of accommodation for 5 nights till the 28th October. Could you offer for us something? A price has to be not very high.. about 35-40 eur per person per night. We are looking for your soon answer.

Informations - Rasmushof Golf Hotel - Sep 21, 2011.
we are 2 italian family( First 2 adults and 2 girls aged 13 and 15, Second 2 adults and 1 boy) and we would like to know if there is availiabity for 2 double room and a triple room from December 28 to Genuary 4 2012
Dates are flexible and please write me prices for family and what is included.

some informations Pension Franz - Aug 29, 2011.
We are 2 people which are searching a double room with breakfast, private bathroom for the days, from 31th December to 3rd January.
So, we want know if you have free rooms for this period and the price with payment conditions.
Thank you for your kindness have a nice evening,

Thank you and a lost item! Theater Hotel Vienna - Aug 29, 2011.
I want to thank you for your kind hospitality during the past few days.
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Vienna.
I have come back and found that a black skirt may have been left in room 510.
It also makes me wonder if anything else might have been left behind.
I wonder if you could let me know if you did in fact find any items there and then I can plan with dear Sarvenas on the best way of retrieving them

Day trip to Budapest Renaissance Wien Hotel - Aug 29, 2011.
We have booked this hotel on Sept 02 & 03, and we want to go to Budapest for a day trip on the 3rd of September, Can you please let us know the best way to do it? Should we go with a tour which can pick us up at the hotel, or just go by the train, and where can we by the train tickets? Do you have any information about the tour and the fare?

rooms for our staff near Radisson BLU Palais - Aug 11, 2011.
I wrote from a society in Italy.
We have planned a meeting in Wien for the days 6th and 7th October 2011, and we need to reserve 5 rooms ( double use single) for our staff for the night of the 6th.
Please could you send me an estimate of cost for the accommodation?
Just a question, the hotel is far walking from the Radisson blu?

book a room in december 2011 - Hotel Kolbeck - Aug 11, 2011.
I am planning with 3 other friends to visit Vienna from 22 of Decemeber until 28 of December and we would like to have some clear information about booking a 4 bedded aparment at your hotel. We would like to know exactly the location of your hotel because we are planning to visit a lot and of course do some shopping. We are also interested if you have a parking place because we are travelling by car.
I read that all the rooms/aparments have bathrooms (shower&toilet) and that breakfast and tax are included in the price. Is that true?
Please let us know which is the price for booking an aparment for the period mentioned above, with all required services included.

furnished apartment - Apartments Ambiente - Aug 11, 2011.
I am looking for a furnished apartment from september 11th until march 6st, and I would like to inform what options you have available. Ideally I am looking for a 1bedroom or studio appartment with relatively central location. I would prefer a more modern type looking apartment, that has a washingmachine and WIFI internet.

I hope to hear from you soon about potential apartments and corresponding prices. Thanks in advance for your time.

Quotation for 8 persons - Pension Pertschy - Aug 11, 2011.
I am writing to get a quotation for:

the period: 05/08/2011 - 07/08/2009 (2 nights) for 3 rooms for 8 person

We prefer:
-a room for 2 adults + 2 children (8 and 10 years old) (double room with 2 extra beds)
- and 2 double room for 2+2 adults

or - a room for 4 adults

I expect that you can offer me the best price.
Please send me information about the parking possibilities.
In order to make the best resolution from the other quotations in time, please make me a response as soon as possible. I would like to choose the best solution for my family.

reservation question - Hotel-Pension Arian - Aug 11, 2011.
I'm searching for a pension during my visit in Wien.

I'm looking for the best deal so I please ask you if you can tell me the charge for:

- a double room (2 persons)
- period: 9-12 August (3 nights)
- including breakfast
- how about parking?

Thank you. Looking forward for your answer.

holiday rental - Belvedere Apartments Vienna - Aug 11, 2011.
I am seeking an apartment for two people ( not a studio ) for two weeks commencing 5 October in Vienna.
The apartment must be quiet ie. not overlooking a noisy street and not on a ground floor. A bath is preferable to a shower in bathroom.
Please advise your options to fulfill these requirements and quote prices and cancellation terms and locations of apartments.

Early check-in - Hotel Ibis Mariahilf - Aug 8, 2011.
We have a reservation for your hotel Monday 15 thru Wed 17.
We will be arriving with the morning train from Verona and would greatly appreciate if we could leave our luggage with you at the hotel in the morning, before heading out to the city.
Do you have an early check-in service or is it possible to leave our bag under your surveillance until check-in time?

Visiting Vienna - K&T Boardinghouse 2 - Aug 1, 2011.
Hello - My 4 brothers & I will be travelling with our 80-year-old father from USA to Vienna for 3-days, 2-nights, Sept 23-25. We need accomodations for 6 adults for 2 nights. We are interested in an affordable non-smoking accomodations in the center of town. We will be driving a van and will need parking. It's our first visit to Vienna and we will be doing site-seeing. We can stay in one large apartment or perhaps in two triples. Do you have suitable accomodations available?

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