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Clients' questions, comments and reviews - archive 1

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Purchase of a 5* Hotel in Vienna/Austria: Hotel Hilton Vienna - Jan 5, 2011.
Dear Sir,

We are an International Investment Group.

We were staying overnight in your hotel, two months ago.

And we would be eventually interested - to purchase a 5* Hotel, like yours, in Vienna.

If there would be one available.

Maybe, you could be so helpful, to inform us, as outsiders in Vienna, if there could be an offer, in Vienna.

Many thanks in advance.

Cancellation at Hotel Maria Theresia - Jan 4, 2011.
I wonder if it is possible to get a refund when we can't travel as we supposed to. The thing is that we booked a room (payed by mastercard) and noticed one day too late that there will be 100% payment if the room will be cancelled after 4.1.2011. We had a reservation for two nights 18-20.1 when our son was supposed to compeat at a FIS junior competition in slalom. Now the trip for the finnish team was cancelled so there is no reason for us to travel in january.

Matter of a complaint at Pension Neuer Markt - Jan 4, 2011.
I am writing to you in the matter of a complaint. We have just realised by verification of accounting data that you divided 115 EUR from our account in October 10th as we were guaranteed a reservation in your hotel by a credit card. Although I asked you to cancel this reservation by email dated October 1st, which is attached bellow.

Please, let me know the way, how you would like to deal this affair. And what kind of information do you need to document in order to repayment.

5 tourists from Ukraine 11/12 december - Dec 7, 2010.
Dear Sir / Madame,

5 Ukrainian tourists would like to visit in Vienna on 11 and 12 December. They will need the apartment to have this just one night (11/12 December). They will come from Bratislava by train. They want the flat if possible near to Wien Simmering or Wien Südbahnhof Ostbahn. Of course, they will like if possible the center better. It will be 5 adults who need separate beds, but the flat itself can be with 2 or 3 rooms and 1 bedroom. The total price available - near 100 euro per night. Maybe you could advice us apartments for rent?

Thank you very much.

New Year's Eve at Hotel Kavalier - Dec 2, 2010.
Guten Tag,

I wants to celebrate the New Year in Wien with my wife and a couple of friends (4 adults). So I need 2 double rooms + breakfast + park for one car for 3 nights (arrival 31/12/10 - leaving 03/01/11).

What is the availability? How far is the Zentrum of Wien from the Hotel? Is there a metro line to reach the donwtown?

Many thanks for your reply.

Parking at Hotel Hilton Innsbruck - Dec 1, 2010.
I booked a room in the hotel from 10/12/2010 to 12/12/2010. I read there is a paid-parking ( EUR 14 for 24h). I wonder if I have to reserve a parking place, or if the day of arrival certainly I'll find a place for my car. I would have another question, the payment is in actual hours or depending on the number of parking days (even if only just morning or afternoon) when the car is parked?

Thank you very much for your availability

Flight cancellaton: Hotel-Pension Attaché - Dec 1, 2010.
Due to airport closures and bad weather, my flight to Vienna has been cancelled. I will not be staying with you at Hotel Pension Attache tonight or tomorrow night. I understand that there may be some cancellation charges. Please send a confirmation of this cancellation, so that I can try claim this money back on my travel insurance.

Cancellation of a reservation - Nov 30, 2010.
Dear Sir or Madame, in keeping the cancellation policy at Hotel Pension Bosch and, I am formally giving you the required 2 days advance notice of cancellation. I will not be checking in on 2 December 2010 for the 1 night as previously planned. I actually gave you many more than 2 days notice, if you review the email traffic below.

Because you were not able to contact me in almost 7 days to let me know if space was available at Hotel Zur Wiener Staatsoper, I have now made other arrangements with a different hotel service. I never received a confirmation from you of availability of Hotel Zur Wiener Staatsoper or an email from you advising me of no availability at Hotel Zur Wiener Staatsoper.

Unfortunately, I am too close to traveling to continue waiting on an answer about room availability. I understand you may be busy. I am simply out of time.

I will keep this email thread as an audit trail for my bank, in case any hotel charges are processed against my account for Hotel Pension Bosch or for Hotel Zur Wiener Staatsoper. I should not be charged by either property. I have provided required advance notification for Hotel Pension Bosch, and I never received confirmation of an accepted reservation at Hotel Zur Wiener Staatsoper.

Transfers Required for a group: Vienna Airport Transfers - Nov 25, 2010.
Dear Sir, Madam,

We are organising a scientific meeting in Vienna at The Imperial Riding School Hotel (Ungargasse 60, 1030 Vienna) on 4-6 February 2011, and we are looking for a company which would provide transfers services to our delegates to and from the airport.

We are expecting approximately 120 delegates for whom we need transfers from and to the airport.

The meeting starts on Friday, 3 February evening and most delegates would arrive in the afternoon. Most delegates would then depart from Vienna on Sunday 6 February as from lunchtime. We expect also a minority of early departure on Saturday 5 February (approx 30 persons).

Could you let me know if your company would be able to provide such a service? We have organised similar meetings in the past and would expect the following service: - Vehicle used: minibuses and limousine
- meet and greet at the airport: the driver would hold a sign (which we would provide to you) at the arrival gate to pick up the passengers
- All drivers to understand and speak minimum English
- smart appearance (no need of a suit but smart casual)

As many delegates are arriving and departing around the same time (they book their own flights but some of them come from the same place), we usually group them into minibuses. This is also a budget reason. We usually recommend that delegates should not wait more than 15 minutes before the minibus departs. We would also use individual cars if we had 1 or 2 delegates arriving a long time apart from any others.

We would send you in advance a list of all transfers needed (indicated flight number and time, name of passenger) and would communicate directly with you any changes, for this reason, we would require to have one main contact person in charge of the coordination of the drivers.

Please note that no member of our staff would be present at the airport.

If the above is ok with you, could you send me a quote based on the numbers I gave you?

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you,

Student Group at: Hostel Hütteldorf - Nov 25, 2010.
Ferenc Medgyessy Secondary School and SecondaryTechnical Schoolof Fine Art

Dear Sir/Madam

Debrecen, 23. of November 2010.

My name is ... I am a Hungarian art teacher in a secondary art school in Debrecen.

We would like to travel to Wien to visit some exhibitions. As I planed it, it will be organized 14-15. of January 2011. All of us will be 15-th person. We have never been in Wien before, so we do not to imagine how we can find a good accommodation for us.

We tried to find some places in net. In this way, we found your student hostel. There was a great variety of helping for students, but I have some questions.

* Can we book a room for only one night?
* Can you send me details about reservation?
* Do we need some extra thing, or something to book?
* What is the cheapest price of room (a double rooms is good for us, we need not single room)

Thank you for your advance,

I hope you will give this matter immediate attention

Bicycle Group at Hotel Alpha at: Hotel Alpha - Nov 22, 2010.
Dear Sirs, we are a bicycle-group of 80 members + 2 bus driver.

We are looking for an accomodation for 2 night (Saturday 16.07.2011 and Sunday 17.7.2011) in double or two beds or three beds room with bath, including breakfast and dinner.
We are interesting also for a garage for our bicycles. Thanks you fro a contact and informing us about the prices.
Best regards.
FIAB Amici della Bicicletta, Mestre - Venezia

Baggage Storage at: Hotel Kummer - Nov 17, 2010.

I have reserved a room at your hotel next summer for the night of August 15, and again for the night of September 3, 2011. During the time between these two stays I need to leave behind an empty suite case that holds a folding bicycle. It's dimensions are 85cm x 70cm x 35cm. Could I arrange to have you store it there for me?

Airline Staff staying at: Pension Aviano - Nov 17, 2010.
good morning from greece...i'm working in a greek airline company and as a travel agent they informed me from my company that i have special rates in a lot hotels around the world...i want to visit vienna around 3-6 in january and i would like to know if you could make me an offer for your hotel for 2 double rooms for three please let me know about your offer and if i have the same discount for both double rooms...i know that i can see and book throw your site but i'm not used to computers and sites so i need your help...thank you very much for your help and tour time

Good Reviews Of Pension Suzanne - Nov 7, 2010.
was looking at "reviews" of your hotel and they were good. I saw a comment that you do not accept credit cards. Please confirm this. I see though that we can confirm the room with a credit card. We do not like carrying around lots of cash. Also, is there a "24-hour front desk" so we can get into the hotel if we are out a little later in the evening?? I also thought I saw a suggestion that a luxury double room was better. Do you have that and what is that rate??

Indian Students At Pension Gross - Nov 6, 2010.
Dear Sir,

We are looking for a place that is as close to the University of Vienna as possible (must be walking distance) and with free WiFi internet access. In this regard, we were specifically interested in Pension Gross.

Our budget is 15-20 euros per person per night (or 45-60 euros per triple room per night) preferably inclusive of breakfast. We are traveling on budget and will be staying for 10-11 nights depending on the rates.

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