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Hotel categories in Austria

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Hotels all over the world are categorized according to their equipment and the quality of the services they provide. The quality of a hotel is indicated with stars. The star classification in Austria is standard and applies for the whole country. Classification helps the guests and travel agencies in orientation and shows the quality of a hotel.

1-star category: This category means very simple rooms with simple equipment, which is necessary for the stay. The rooms are always clean. We offer this category for those who only would like to sleep in the hotel. The rates are low.

2-star category: Practical rooms with comfort for those who also require some basic services (such as TV, drinks,.etc.) in the room. The rooms are more comfortable than in the 1-star category and have TV and running water in the room. It differs from the 3-star category only in the equipment and cleanliness. We offer this category for those who are looking for a budget-priced hotel with extended services.

List of 2-star hotels in Vienna

3-star category: The accommodation has higher quality and the rooms are snugger. These hotels offer in addition to the basic services (bathroom, food and beverages) also services at a higher level such as reception, minibar,.etc. It differs from the 2-star category for example in using better quality material. The size of the rooms is also a difference as well as that you can find a desk and a small sitting area in the rooms. Contrary to the 4-star category old furniture in good repair is allowed and the spaces are smaller. We offer this category for those who would like to stay in a middleware hotel for a reasonable price.

List of 3-star hotels in Vienna

4-star category: The characteristics of a four-star hotel are the followings: first class work out, spacious rooms with high quality equipment and furniture, soundproof windows. Theme hotels for example offer wide range of services such as wellness and sport possibilities, gastronomy, conference rooms,.etc. The rooms are larger than in the three-star category and the furniture has to bee in very good estate. We offer this category for those who require high quality service and intensity.

List of 4-star hotels in Vienna

5-star category: The characteristics of a four-star hotel are the followings exclusive, luxurious work out, gentle, excellent, elegant material, unique design and milieu. The services are the same as provided by the international five-star hotels. Only few hotels can reach this level. It offers more luxury than the four-star hotels and the quality of the provided services is also very high. Another characteristic is the erudite staff. The rooms are very spacious and sometimes they consist of a separate bedroom and living room Suite). We offer this category for those who are looking for luxury without any compromise.

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